pur4me2, the keyboard commando

pur4me2.southpaw  //  DOB: May 14, 2010  //  my.secondlife.com/pur4me2.southpaw

This cunt is the definition of a keyboard commando. Tough behind a computer, but not so tough without one.

But do you know what’s the funniest thing, cunt? I can just make another free account and continue trolling your shithole.


Run and hide, cunt.

A gay Turk

ayubogan.aura (aka alehsandrou)  //  DOB: April 17, 2010  //  my.secondlife.com/ayubogan.aura

Female alt: wertt.davidovasic  //  DOB: April 12, 2010  //  my.secondlife.com/wertt.davidovasic

This gay Turk got buttfucked and is now pregnant. Then he sent his female alt and got buttfucked and impregnated again!