Newbie wankers

Here’s what people do as soon as their given a chance for a second life: they get naked, stick a hideous oversized plonker to their overall ugly looking avatar, and then wonder around asking for sex (i.e. they are horny and want to fap).

odinfrank  //  DOB: July 15, 2013  //


agdem  //  May 25, 2013  //


What a pillock! He attached the boxed penis to his hideous avatar.


After he got it right, it was time to test it. On a dummy of course.


zekezach  //  DOB: June 05, 2013  //

No comments…


Of course older wankers aren’t doing any better either.

caballero  //  DOB: November 19, 2010  //


Waiting to get plowed…

And of course, two massive wankers:


mahmoudnageb2 (of 3) is feeling the pain.


Markten10 trying different approaches.


Markten10 air-humping (aka fapping in RL)

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